About Anney J Music LLC

The goal of Anney J Music LLC (AJM) is to provide a safe space for students of all ages and abilities to come and share the wonder and joy of music. We also believe that the most effective way that all students learn is through participation and practice. Part of that is to perform as often as possible. Many students experience normal fear and anxiety surrounding performing and the only way to get better at performing and to overcome those fears is to practice performing, which is why performing is an essential part of what we do at AJM each year. 

In addition to stressing the importance of performing, AJM stressed the importance of good technique being universal to musical styles and genres. Students at AJM will learn to appreciate and perform various styles throughout their studies to produce well rounded musicians and singers. 

If you have any questions please fill out our contact form or a new student registration which is found on our lessons page. 

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By appointment only.

Classes as scheduled

Lessons MUST be scheduled in advance. Some lessons outside of these general times are available upon request. 




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