Classes and Workshops

Sing. Succeed. Shine.

Our classes and workshops are designed to help students and their parents explore music, movement, theatre, and visual arts. Each class is designed with specific goals in mind. These classes can be an added enhancement to private lessons or a great way to try music and the arts for the first time. 

These classes focus on exploring art, music, movement and play with our youngest students.

Ages: 0-6 Years

New Classes Starting in May!

Specialized summer classes, workshops and camps for children and youth of all ages. 

Ages: 6-18


Classes and Workshops for children and youth of all ages. Classes sessions generally last 4, 8 or 12 weeks. 

Ages: 6-18

Classes Beginning in June!


Tuition is based on the length of the class and the at-home materials. If you are interesting in purchases at home instruments, that expense can be added to tuition. For longer classes sessions (8-12 weeks), payment plans are available. If families are interested in purchasing at-home instruments, that can be arranged by Anney. 


All class sizes are limited to provide space for social distancing and for a more personalized experience.