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"TALENT is good.

PRACTICE is better. 

PASSION is best."

- Frank Lloyd Wright

 Voice Lessons   

Voice lessons are offered for students of all ages. Younger students will work on learning the basics of breathing and maneuvering their voices. Older students begin to add more pieces to the puzzle with work on more advanced techniques and expression. Advanced students work on putting the whole package together and create complete performances out of each song. 

Singing and the human voice are complex subjects, and no two students will receive the same training. Some of the topics included in voice training include body awareness/bodywork, breathing, diction, classical and contemporary techniques, musicianship, mic skills and more. 

Voice lessons are instructed by Anney , Angelica or Sarah. Lessons are usually 30 minutes in length, longer lessons should be considered for advanced students or those looking to work on more than one instrument. 

  Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are available for beginning to early advanced students. Students will study a variety of material and styles through the course of their lessons. Every student learns through the use of multiple types of music repertoire. Very beginning students start with method books but it is the goal to begin leading students into literature as soon as they begin to grasp the basics. A mix of classical, contemporary and Disney material are used to teach students while they play song that a recognizable and enjoyable. In addition to playing music that is fun, familiar and educational, each student spends time during each lesson gaining knowledge about the theory and musicianship that is essential to success at the piano. 

Piano lessons are taught by Angelica, Anney or Sarah. Most students do well with 30 minute lessons, longer lessons are available upon request.

Woodwind Lessons    

Lessons in a variety of woodwind instruments are available for beginning and intermediate students. During each 30 minute lesson we focus on a variety of skills to help each student find success both in their school programs but also as soloists. Students will work from their schools selected methods books as well as working on solos in a variety of styles. Like all other lessons provided at AnneyJMusic, each student identifies and works on their own individual goals.

Flute and Saxophone lessons are taught by Anney. Clarinet lessons are taught by Sarah

20-20-20 Lessons  

20-20-20 lesson are designed to give students a multi-disciplined approach to the performing arts. Most student who want to pursue Music Theatre will need to posses a variety of skills and it is the goal of these lessons to provide students with those skills. These hour long lessons are divided into three segments where students will work on theory, musicianship, piano, instruments, voice and acting.


Acting is taught by Sloan. Theory, musicianship, piano, instrumental and voice are taught by Anney or Sarah. 

Acting Lessons

Private acting lessons work to help each student create living, breathing and believable characters. Students work to create authentic characters whether they are working on audition preparation, monologues, scenes, movement or physicality. Students will also learn to incorporate these skills into the many different styles and genres of theatre while learning about the history of this craft. 

Acting is taught by Rocky Encalada or Jocelyn Laracuente

Audition/Performance Preparation

This type of lesson is meant for advanced students and professional performers who are looking to work toward a very specific performance goal or audition. These lessons usually work on one or two selected songs or monologues and though technique may be addressed the purpose is aimed soley toward a performance event. 

Audition/Performance Preparation  $50 

(which includes 1-2 hours of work, any materials or copies, cutting music and practice/performance accompaniment tracks)

** All students are required to pay a $20 Music and Materials Fee when they begin lessons and yearly in September***

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